はにかみやの社長、地区の公民館際参加! Fujix experience at the art festival

| MON.2019/2/4 |

*We’re writing in Japanese followed by English translation


いつもだと午前中に小学生の孫3人の版画等の作品を堪能し、孫の成長を感じて帰ります。 しかし、今年は、なっなんと!公民館際に、社長が、参加したんです。


会議では、お客様への思いをそれぞれが言い合い意見戦わせることが多い「フジックスホーム!」予算を考える社長の心臓は、いつもドキドキ、バクバク!だと思います。        しかし、お客様の思いに寄り添いたい私たち社員は、ご家族の笑顔を念頭にこれからも頑張っていきます。ことしは、フジックス女子部もパワーアップしましたので、皆様に女性ならではの素敵な情報もどんどん発信していきます。住宅のことで、困りごと等ございましたら、いつでも、お立ち寄りください。



Fujix experience at the art festival


 Hello, this is Fuji-baba.

 Every first Sunday of February, the *¹Akasaki area community center holds an art festival at the Akasaki Elementary School. This year, my three grandsons made woodblock prints and other artifacts. I think my grandchildren are becoming more mature. I am scared they are growing up too fast.

 Something else happened that was very different. Oh boy!! My shy husband (Fujix owner) participated in the local art festival. He sang a traditional celebration song for the first time. The special song is called “*²Houlan Ecchou 宝来悦頂”. He was very nervous. I can’t believe that he did it. My husband works very hard. He is always trying to better himself by breaking barriers and challenging his expectations. I think I am falling more in love with my husband.

 We often challenge each other’s ideas about our customers and argue our opinions during company meetings. This is the Fujix way. I feel like my husband is always fighting butterflies in his stomach when he is making our company’s budget. All of the Fujix team are trying their best to create a better product that will keep a smile on our customers faces. We will continue with this project for as long as we can.

 This year, Fujix lady’s unit has also improved its strength to continue disseminating wonderful information unique to women’s experience.

 Please drop in with any questions and concerns that will help us serve you better.


*¹Akasaki is an area located in Kotoura Town, Tottori Prefecture, Japan.

英訳:キランガ フィリップ