家づくりをはじめるにあたって(体験会に参加しませんか?) Before you build or buy your dream house, would you like visit our Super Wall tour?

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Before you build or buy your dream house, would you like visit our Super Wall tour?

 Hi, this is Ideko.

 I think that buying your own house is a big decision, because it is very difficult to decide if we do not have an important reason.

 My biggest reason was my pregnancy for my first son. I was so worried about raising my baby in the apartment where I used to live, because it was old and the rooms were airy. Another reason was huge poisonous centipedes and other bugs that entered through the gap on the *¹Tatami.

 I wonder what is your reason to buy a house? Is it because when children grow up, some people might need more rooms or a bigger house? Or perhaps I should settle down near my parents’ house? There might be many more other reasons.

 Still, It is not an easy decision to decide to buy your own house because you might not be sure what you want.

 First of all, we at Fujix Homes we think about what kind of lifestyle you would like to have. From there, we think which builder is suitable for you? Etc.

 My dream house plans were…

 Wooden house
 Warm house
 My kids can run around in the living dining room
(I really wanted to have a wood-burning stove, but I abandoned it because of a lot of reasons.)

 I even had a dream but I couldn’t spend too much money. I mostly thought about how the house will look and house design.

 Now five years later, I have different ideas and regrets. For example ; door direction, toilet, storage space, my family’s health, my own health and monthly payments etc …

 What should we do so that this doesn’t happen again to someone else? I recommend that you should listen to a real voice of experience, if you are planning to build or buy own a house. You can ask how will the utility bills cost. On Feb 11, we will have a tour in Shimane where by you can see and experience our houses. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us

*¹ A tatami is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms. It is made using rice straw as well as compressed wood chip boards or polystyrene foam.



妊娠 → pregnancy
(Ninshin) (プレグナンシィ)

I am pregnant. という文になります!

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