優しい青年の心遣いに身も心もほっかり♡ A nice and kind guy made my heart warm♡

| TUE.2019/1/22 |

*We’re writing in Japanese followed by English translation.

それでも、何とか目的地に到着。二人でガソリンスタンドを探すも・・・ないことが分かった。万事きゅす。と、思っていたら温泉の受付の方が、近くの整備工場(シーバスオート)に連絡してくださり、一人の青年がガソリンを持って駆け付けてくださいました。困惑している私たちに、優しく、「だいじょうぶですよ。ジャフにはいっておられますか? …お名前と車のナンバーで、しらべますので、教えてもらっていいですか。等々・・・霙模様の中濡れながらの作業に、頭が下がるばかりでした。そして、極め付きの言葉、「おふたりは、温泉館だ休んでいてください。雨に濡れたらいけませんよ。後は、ぼくがします。」手際よい仕事ぶりと、次々にかけてくださる、優しい言葉に、身も心もほっかりと暖かくなりました。私たちも、仕事でこの易しい思いやりを返していかなければと、心新たにした1日となりました。 霙まじりの雨の中 人の優しさに 春をも感じる 温泉館  シーバスオートの優しい顔の青年に ありがとう♡♡♡。



A nice and kind guy made my heart warm

Hello. It has been a long time, since I wrote. My name is Fujikawa. I have 7 grandkids. So, you can also call me Fuji-baba. In Japan, Grandmother is called “baba” by kids. That’s why my nickname is Fuji-baba. By the way, I work for Fujix, a local which is local builder in Tottori and Shimane. I am very happy that you are reading my story.

On January 20, on my way home from work, it was snowing and raining. My husband who also happens to be the Fujix owner and I were going to warm up our cold bodies in an Onsen. *Onsen means hot spring. My husband drove the car toward Okutsu Onsen in Okayama https://www.mto.ne.jp/okutsuonsenkk/ while we sang some nostalgic songs together. When we were almost there we noticed we are very close running out of gasoline. Oh boy!!

However, we got there somehow. We looked for gas stations, but we could not see any gas stations in this area. (We were about 53km away from our office.)  “It’s all over for us now!!” That’s what we thought, but… The person at the reception desk of the hot spring hotel contacted a repair shop called Seabass Auto. A young man from Seabass Auto rushed with gasoline for us. He gently said to us “You guys are OK now, don’t worry anymore. Do you have JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) membership? If you are not sure, could you tell me your name and license plate? If so I can ask JAF about your member ship. He worked hard for us, in the snow and rain while getting wet. We took our hat off to him for his hard work. Then he said to us “Please get rest in the hotel. I don’t want you to get wet. I will do the rest of the work.” His good skill and a lot of kind words made our bodies and mind warmer.

Fujix would love to pass our costumers this young man’s kindness and hard work. This day changed our approach to customer service. When people receive kindness, their minds undergo a change. A change that makes them relaxed and happy.

It was raining and snow was falling, I felt like spring arrived through the human kindness at the hot spring hotel. I appreciate this young man who had a gentle face and nice smile. Thank you very much♡♡♡



温泉 → Hot spring
(Onsen)    (ホット・スプリング)熱い泉

なので、Hot springは「熱い春」ではなく、「熱い泉=温泉」という訳にするとちょうどいい感じになります(^_-)-☆

英訳:キランガ フィリップ